Some Of The Things I Love Right Now….


BOOK: ‘The Art Of Baby Making: The Holistic Approach’

This book was advised to me by someone who was going through their own fertility struggles. We have found it very interesting and although we have not finished it yet, it provides some great concepts.

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This has changed my life while going through the medical menopause! It has rechargeable batteries and lasts approximately 2 hours on the high setting and 3 hours on the low setting. It also comes with a stand, which comes in handy when you are writing or using the computer.

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For anyone who read my blog post The Medical Menopause – The Truth, you will know what this is! Maggie was given to me by my mum and she is designed to help elevate the symptoms of menopause. A natural alternative, she is made to sit in your knickers and can be worn all the time.

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NEOM PRODUCTS:  Pillow Mist & Tranquillity Bath Foam

100% Natural fragrances. My mum bought me these products for Christmas. I use the pillow mist every night and I am sure it is helping me to get to sleep. The bath foam smells amazing and is very relaxing. They are definitely worth a try if you struggle to sleep or just want to go to bed feeling relaxed.

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KIKKI-K STATIONARY: A Sentence A Day Journal & Positive Affirmation Cards

Kikki-K has a great range of journals and stationary. Chris uses the goal setting journal and life plan journal. They have a great range of designs for both men and women.






DERMALOGICA: A vast range of products (mainly ultra-calming range)

This brand has changed my skin for the better. I started off with cleanse, tone & moisturise and now I have many extra products to complete my skin care routine. Having regular facials has improved my skin for the better.