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7) Kim…..Amazing Skin & Some Time Just For Me!!!

I started having facials back in the spring of 2017. I was very skeptical when my mum bought me a voucher with her skin therapist, thinking that my skin was fine. After my first appointment I was instantly hooked. Introducing to you: Kim….your skins new best friend and the reason your bank account will be very sad every month!!! But all for good reasons! Kim has introduced me to Dermalogica products. My skin has thanked her ever since. I am now the proud owner of lots of dermalogica products and I have become obsessed with my skin care routine, which I have learnt is very important.

You only get one face, so treat it well

I even have mini versions of all my products to take away, in order to continue my regime on holiday. Chris naturally thinks this is hilarious and that I spend far too much money on Dermalogica!!! Every time I go to Kim’s he says “don’t’ spend too much money!!!” I am trying to encourage him to use the products too, as the benefits are amazing! 


I initially had an appointment every 6 weeks but now I go every 4 weeks as my implant (Zoladex) has been causing me some skin issues and breakouts due to the hormones. Not only does Kim sort out all my skin problems, but she has been somewhat of a personal agony aunt for me. I genuinely look forward to my appointments, as it is total indulgence for me and a chance to completely relax in the company of a wonderful lady.

Anyway…..you might be wondering why on earth I am telling you all this?

Unfortunately, Kim also went through fertility issues due to endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. She had a laparoscopy due to severe pain and endometriosis causing infertility problems, but was able to conceive her first child naturally. She then sadly suffered 2 miscarriages, which both required surgery. She then went on to have another laparoscopy to remove endometriosis and cysts from her ovaries prior to conceiving her second child naturally. Although she didn’t have hormone treatment, she has been through alot. She completely understands what I am going through and is able to empathise with me. I broke down into an emotional mess when I saw her last week for no reason at all…..usually the question of “how are you doing”, does that to me! It’s amazing how a friendly face and a shoulder to cry on can make you feel better, especially when that person knows exactly how you are feeling. She never judges me and has a calming nature. Kim is also a very positive lady and reminds me how important is it not to be negative. She reminded me that everything I have been through and am going to go through is just the process to get me the baby I long for….

Just keep thinking about the end result….you will get there  🙂

I spent the hour and a half treatment completely relaxing, chatting and using my hand fan during a hot flush or two……which made us both chuckle!! She even had to leave the heated blanket off, which is usually my favourite part! It is so important to make time for yourself. In this busy world, making time for yourself and taking time to chill out, is often neglected due to time constraints.  Book a massage, go to a spa or have dinner with a friend….what ever makes you happy. 

Speaking to other people who have been through a similar situation to yourself, is so helpful for your psychological well being. Nothing you say feels stupid and you don’t feel judged when relaying your thoughts. Although everyone in my life has been extremely supportive, most of them are lucky enough to have never had fertility problems which makes them less able to entirely empathise with how I am feeling. Hearing positive outcomes from others who have suffered, provides me with hope.

What would I do without Kim? The lady who works miracles on your skin and your mind!!! Kim is so awesome at her job that my mum, MIL and some of my friends are also her clients. She is very well  known in our area by women!!! Once you go dermalogica you will never go back! I cannot wait for the day I walk into her treatment room with a massive smile on my face and tell her that I won’t be able to lie flat on her chair anymore!!! Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about…..pregnant women shouldn’t lie flat in the second half of pregnancy, due to the weight of the baby putting pressure on the vena cava, causing restricted blood flow to the baby and leaving the woman feeling dizzy, short of breath and nauseous.

Kim is a real life positive story, that shows it is possible for us to do it too. I would highly recommend Kim to make you and your skin feel wonderful.

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Sincerely, Shelly x


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