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    14) At Last…..The End Of The Menopause!!!

    Sorry guys I realise I have not posted for a while…..I have been waiting for something interesting to write about!!! Who would have thought that you could look forward to having a period? The thing that I have literally dreaded for over three years, became something I was wishing to happen. Guess what…….it happened! I am no longer in the menopause and it feels amazing!!! I am back to being me again.

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    13) Recovering From My Second Surgery and Moving Forward With A New Plan

    I am currently just over two weeks post surgery and I am recovering very fast. I am going back to work earlier than planned, as I feel so well. I feel like it will be good for me to get back to a normal life and be at work. Sitting at home and thinking about everything all day is no fun. The second surgery did not go to plan, as you are already aware, but I do have news regarding the next surgery and the plan moving forward. Lots of you have been asking me for an update, following my appointment with the new consultant, so I am sharing this news with you.  Read more

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    11) Another Surgery Day And More Bad News :-(

    I have received so many wonderful messages from friends/family and other endo suffers, wishing me luck yesterday and wanting to know how it went. I have decided to write a very quick post to explain what happened. I wish I was able to tell you all good news but unfortunately the surgery did not go as we had hoped. In fact, it is the worst possible outcome right now.  Read more

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    10) Living With Shelly On Zoladex: By Chris Wright

    Its 2 degrees… it’s freezing… we’re driving, en route to go and look at a house, and Shelly has her window open, like ALL the way down, jumper off, going a bright red and she tells me she is sweating… I can’t see the sweat yet, but I believe it.

    The freezing air is flooding the car… I’m in the worlds thickest jacket, got my scarf on and I’m shivering. I am freezing.

    I look at her, and say… that blog post you want me to write… this moment sums it up. Let’s take a picture… she refused. We started laughing, for like 20 seconds, then she went to anger and told me to stop taking the piss…. I wasn’t, I promise. But I had apparently gone from comedian to worlds worst husband in like 20 seconds. Read more