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    14) At Last…..The End Of The Menopause!!!

    Sorry guys I realise I have not posted for a while…..I have been waiting for something interesting to write about!!! Who would have thought that you could look forward to having a period? The thing that I have literally dreaded for over three years, became something I was wishing to happen. Guess what…….it happened! I am no longer in the menopause and it feels amazing!!! I am back to being me again.

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  • Fertility Journey, Menopause, Zoladex

    10) Living With Shelly On Zoladex: By Chris Wright

    Its 2 degrees… it’s freezing… we’re driving, en route to go and look at a house, and Shelly has her window open, like ALL the way down, jumper off, going a bright red and she tells me she is sweating… I can’t see the sweat yet, but I believe it.

    The freezing air is flooding the car… I’m in the worlds thickest jacket, got my scarf on and I’m shivering. I am freezing.

    I look at her, and say… that blog post you want me to write… this moment sums it up. Let’s take a picture… she refused. We started laughing, for like 20 seconds, then she went to anger and told me to stop taking the piss…. I wasn’t, I promise. But I had apparently gone from comedian to worlds worst husband in like 20 seconds. Read more