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8) A Wonderful Week Away In Mauritius With The Family

We have just returned from a wonderful week away in Mauritius with my family, celebrating Big Daddy’s 70th Birthday. This much needed break away couldn’t have come at a better time for Chris & I and my family. It was the perfect opportunity for us to get away and escape all the dramas that life has thrown at all of us recently! Spending time with my family is one of my most favourite things to do. Feeling completely comfortable (especially as I feel negative towards myself at the moment) and making memories with my favourite people….what a wonderful week! It’s amazing how much a tan can help you to feel instantly better about yourself….even when is it now all peeling off due to getting burnt 🙁

We were lucky enough to be treated to the holiday by my parents, which we are extremely grateful for. The hotel was in an idyllic setting on the stunning beach and had everything you would want for a relaxing holiday…..including an amazing golf course for the boys! The sea was warm and clear, the sand beautifully white and the food was delicious. I managed to completely chill out for the week and I feel utterly refreshed and ready to take on the next month. Prior to going away my hormones were raging and daily tasks were becoming difficult as I was getting increasingly more agitated with life, following my 3rd implant. All my emotions seemed to be heightened. However, I now feel a whole lot better. I feel that I have reset my mind, listened to my body and done a whole lot of chilling out. My sister tried to encourage me to go to the gym with her on several occasions, but I was enjoying being lazy and did not go! (I will have to make up for that now I am home). I read a wonderful long book and listened to lots of podcasts which was a new experience for me. I have never understood why Chris enjoys listening to podcasts, but now I am hooked too!!!


I was advised by a friend who contacted me, to listen to a podcast by Birthfit. In this particular episode Dr Jennifer Mercier who is the creator of Mercier therapy (I had never heard of this before either!!!) talks about her treatment/therapy for women who have had abdominal surgery. Anyone who is trying to conceive and has had previous abdominal surgery (laparoscopy, laparotomy, D&C, ectopic rupture, caesarean section, egg collection for IVF) should listen to this podcast. I had never thought about the implications of scar tissue from surgery causing issues conceiving before now. Scarring leaves the tissue gritty and sticky, which means the organs do not move properly. In my case, my pelvic organs were already extremely sticky and immobile due to severe endometriosis, before I even had surgery. This could mean the scar tissue could cause further issues for me, which I wasn’t aware of before listening to this podcast. The therapy is deep pelvic organ manipulation used to help restore the health and general wellbeing within the female pelvis. It is a non-invasive technique in which the pelvis can heal and re-balance, by restoring blood-flow and enabling organ mobility.  Jennifer is also a midwife and has experienced fertility issues herself so is able to relate to her patients. Has anyone had this kind of treatment in the UK? It is very interesting and definitely worth listening to.

You may be wondering what on earth I was thinking going to a very hot country while being in a medical menopause….??? I figured lying in the sun makes you hot anyway, so I might as well be hot somewhere that I can run into the sea every hour! I was dreading the 12.5 hour flight, as I tend to get hot on a plane anyway. I made sure my fan was fully charged and I did indeed spend the night flight waking up regularly having a melt down, but I survived. I didn’t notice the hot flushes too much in the day while we were away as it was 30 degrees, so I was generally hot all the time. However, the evenings and nights were….ummmmm……very interesting!!  I was seen on several occasions dangling my feet in the pool, waving my fan around, crunching ice cubes, with a cold compress on my neck, while it was dark! The other guests must have thought I was mad. Poor Chris had to sleep with the air-conditioning on freezing cold all night, wrapping himself in a duvet.

My mood continued to be erratic on holiday and I had to try to keep myself calm when I felt agitated….however the good news is that I made it through a whole week without crying once! My poor family had to put up with my usual array of emoji emotions, but they didn’t complain once. I definitely felt I was back to my usual happy self for most of the week and it felt so lovely not to be worrying about what lies ahead and being able to feel ‘normal‘ for a while. My family never judge me, they did not bring up the fact that I wore a swimsuit instead of a bikini (covering my fresh scars and horrible fat belly) or that I didn’t drink much alcohol (seems to make my hot flushes come more frequently) or that I wanted to be lazy and completely chill out. I was treated the same as everyone else in the family, and it felt good. They reminded me of how proud they are of me, which always makes me feel better. Chris was able to blow off some steam too, spending 3 days playing golf on a stunning golf course. I know he is feeling better for clearing his head…..although he did get a little sunburnt in the process!

Leaving Mauritius and coming home is not a nice feeling…back to reality, back to work at the end of the week and the dreaded last Zoladex today. Letters from the hospital confirming dates for my pre-assment appointment and surgery date, reminds me of the long journey we still have ahead of us. However, the break from reality has left me with a clearer head and a fresh start for the next chapter. I just need to get through the next month and hope my symptoms of menopause do not get any worse…….positive outlook…..it will be fine, one more step closer to our happy ending.

I would encourage anyone going through treatment to take a break and have a holiday when you are able to.  You will be amazed at how good it makes you feel and it is a welcome reminder of everything that is wonderful in your life.


Sincerely, Shelly x



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